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[UPDATE]  = Roo's build scrips now use gnome seed.

As I mentioned before, I've been busy getting the Ext Fork usable. still not quite there, but it's beginning to take shape.


The fork I did of dmdscript (initially for gtk bindings) is being used as the core for all the build tools I'm working on for RooJS, so I though in honour of it's main use, I'll rename it rooscript (as it's a lot easier to google for than gtkDjs or whatever I came up with before..)

So here's a quick howto for building and testing the kit so far.

Rooscript building

First install gdc and subversion (I prefer it to dmd, as it's easier and quicker to set up and use)

#apt-get install gdc 
#apt-get install subversion

decide where you want your code checked out to.

#cd /usr/src 
#svn co
#cd rooscript

you should hopefully now have /usr/bin/roolite

getting roojs1

#cd /usr/src
#svn co

building the docs

The code is based on jsdoctoolkit, and modified to make better sense of RooJS's code. I did look at the Ext version of it, but they had used what looked like and older version of the jsdoctoolkit, so I just took some of the ideas from it.

You can see a preview of the current roojs1 docs here

#cd roojs1
#roolite   ../rooscript/examples/jstoolkit2/run.js \
-- Array.js Date.js Function.js Number.js Roo.js String.js \
-r Roo -t=../rooscript/examples/jstoolkit2/templates/jsdoc/ \

building the js code (still under testing)

#roolite   buildSDK/bundle_build.js  -L../rooscript/examples/jstoolkit2  

Ok, where is the project now.

  • CSS/images have been recovered from an BSD licenced yui-ext-0.40 snapshot from here
    Most of the changes for 1.0.0 are just renaming the prefixes
  • The doc build is close, although still needs tweaking and checking
  • The code builder is basic, (no variable replacement), but we do strip down close to dojo's hack to rhino, and I'm looking at yui's compresser for ideas on the variable stuff which should be quite simple.
  • The css compresser has been ported to Javascript/rooscript, and should work, although I've not tested it yet..
  • I'm pretty close to testing it by replacing the doc's backend to use Roo, rather than Ext.1.1.1
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