Published 2009-03-13 12:22:00

Well, after a busy few months, things have gone quiet again. Hopefully it's a short term thing, but it has given me a bit of time to do get back to the less profitable things in life (like blogging).

PEAR releases

Yes, after a quite a few emails bugging me to release updates to DataObjects and Template Flexy, I finally got round to getting them out the door  (and even fixing a few bugs after the got out). I've also made an effort to get Services_JSON onto the pear release system, as I use it quite a bit, and it's been sitting in as the proposal for Services_JSON for well over a year.


Yes, that other great waster of time, I've finally set up an account for me - "AK BK Consulting" - After my first effort of using facebook fell apart, due to the mess it made of mixing family stuff and professional stuff, (I use my wife's account for my family stuff). I set up that one so I can join up with PHP developers anywhere and IT people in Hong Kong. So feel free to add me as a friend (as I dont have many ;) - this blog should be  syndicated into my page...

ExtJS / Roo builder for HTML_FlexyFramework

I was messing around this week writing a builder for HTML_FlexyFramework, my little lightweight page loader, that integrates quite nicely with Dataobjects, Template Flexy and pear in general. Part of the incentive for this was seeing a little project that a potential client had developed, in some windows application that generated an how site starting with the database schema.

The idea  was quite nice, and the interface of the builder was quite friendly. But the downside was that the resulting code was just unusable jibberish. So rather than work out how to add features to it, I wondered if using DataObject's Generator as a core, I could generate a whole ExtJS/RooJS interface from the database, and then edit that to quickly get a frontend up and running.

The code's sitting in my akpear repo RooJS_DB_DataObject (it actually writes ExtJS1.1 code) and does the basic tasks of setting up a grid for each table, a simple form to edit each table, along with some limited joins based on the links.ini

If you want to try it out, it runs like this:
php  RooJS_DB_DataObject/cli.php 'mysql://dbuser:dbpass@dbhost/dbname'

Nice little proof of concept.. It's got some idea how to 'update' it's generated code, but I've disabled that at present. It should however give you a quick way to jumpstart an ExtJS application.

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extjs form builder
There seems to be a newer, but also deprecated extjs gui builder available. see
why does no one complete one of the builders?
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