Published 2002-01-17 21:38:00

Well, considering phpmole is supposed to be a content management tool, I thought I'd better see if I could use it as one.. I'll see how this goes, but the idea is to keep a track of what project stuff I'm working on - at present its a mix of phpmole, and I have to patch midgard-lite, and write a little documentation about it.

Yesterday evening I added some major stuff on the database transport for phpmole, the bookmark editor/ creator should now work, and I think I'm getting somewhere in the quest to make the data load depending on how much you scroll down the screen - eg. why load in data when the user cant see if - especcially if it's from a large file!

I must look at making Cntl-S work in the gtkthml editor, it normally does strikethrough
and quite a few people have asked - does phpmole work on windows -well kind of - it does start up, but most of the 'cool' bits dont work - eg. no html editor, no image previewer.. etc. - but have a play anyway - the db transport should be reasonably cross platform.

I seriously need to look at how phpmole handles multi part documents - eg. a midgard article consists of a abstract and a body. -  there are a number of issues on how the mole could handle this.
  • The obvious way would be a kind of paned window to edit in,
  • this would have to apply to the html editor and scintilla
  • It would also mean breaking the scintilla and html editor modules up so that the base class manages sub classes - these subclasses are the ones that actually do the work on the editor.

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