Published 2002-03-20 21:44:00

Well, since I started this diary bit, I better add to it occasionally. Its been one of those up and down weeks. My parents just left to fly back to the UK, after a fleeting visit to catch up with the kids growing up. My Oriely (talk at conference) application was rejected - so much for the san diago trip. Phpmole has slowed up a bit, I've been busy doing contract work, which seems to be taking more and more time.
- However I always seem to end up having to modify or look at existing PHP applications. I'm not saying phpmole's code is perfect, but sometimes I wish people would not make public php code that.

a) was not class based - for god sake it's worth the effort to learn about classes - it could save 1000's of lines of code

b) had the code in the same file as the web page - use templates - or just keep the php code in the page down to <?=$xxx?> and perhaps <?$page->output_somebit()?>

c) code that was a spagetti tree of if's, switches, elses and was over 200 lines of this - phpmole (again not perfect), but at least I attempt to keep all the methods under 30 lines - preferably 5-10 lines!

Well, thats enough ranting - it's been over a week without my regular beer evening with friends, so hopefully that will chill out things :)

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