12 Oct 2003

GTK2 bindings for PHP

I've been making pretty good headway with this.. - gtk.php fires up pretty well, and most of the simple button/widgets work.. Callbacks are working Ok as far as I can work out.

Next on the challenges is to fix
I disabled this early on.. - so hopefully it shouldnt be too much to re-enable it..

As a side to this, I've also been playing with a C_Parser, to improve my h2def.php code. The idea being that if parsing a .h file was very simple, then writing extensions would be an realitively automated task..

it's PHP5 only, and you can play with it by checking it out from php's cvs

cvs -d checkout -r GTK2 php-gtk
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25 Sep 2002

Come and see me in Germany

Want to hear more about PHP-GTK, I've been invited to talk at this years PHP conference in Frankfurt (3rd to the 6th of November 2002), I'm giving 2 talks, one on Design Strategies for PHP-GTK applications , and one on Conquering the final obstacles for PHP-GTK applications. Please visit for more details.
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23 May 2002

Nice Interview with Rasmus - php's creator

William sent me an link to an interview with Rasmus with a little mention of phpmole. Rasmus is someone you can not fail to admire, not only for his creation of php, but the manner and balance he has shown toward a little project that 'solved his own problem'  that has grown beyond his wildest dreams. An interesting read on how to manage and grow with a project.
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30 Mar 2002

Uploaded all the movies to the photo section

Site News
Just a minor update, all the digital camera movies are now online, I found a nice little applications dumpmpeg (based on the sdl library), that after a minor hack, I used to make thumbnails of all the mpeg movies from the camera.

Phpmole news
Other than that, 'recent files' has been added to phpmole and I got another patch into php4.2 (just a little curl fix). still looking at two key areas for development on phpmole - pgtkhtml is still pending me sorting out the rest of the debugger - you cant do really complex gtk apps without a good debugger.., the other one was the glade builder (while glade is nice), it is not a pluggable application, and the thought is that extending the current libglade emulation layer it might be possible to do that......
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18 Jan 2002

Major phpmole updates, and the site

Well, the new article abstract and content editing is working really well, It just took me a while to sort out how the site works using all this. I also managed to fix a few close document bugs in phpmole, mostly by adding a post_close method on the notebook manager, so that it does not try and do something on a document that was about to be closed. The site looks alot better now - well IMO :)
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