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Class Gtk.CellAreaBox

Import line: Gtk =;
GIR File: Gtk-3.0.gir
C documentation: GtkCellAreaBox
Class : CellAreaBox
Implements: Gtk.Buildable, Gtk.CellLayout, Gtk.Orientable
Extends: Gtk.CellArea
The GtkCellAreaBox renders cell renderers into a row or a column
depending on its GtkOrientation.
GtkCellAreaBox uses a notion of packing. Packing
refers to adding cell renderers with reference to a particular position
start and the end of the box.
When the GtkCellAreaBox is oriented in the GTK_ORIENTATION_VERTICAL
orientation, the start is defined as the top of the box and the end is
defined as the bottom. In the GTK_ORIENTATION_HORIZONTAL orientation
start is defined as the left side and the end is defined as the right
Alignments of GtkCellRenderers rendered in adjacent rows can be
configured by configuring the GtkCellAreaBox:align child cell property
with gtk_cell_area_cell_set_property() or by specifying the "align"
argument to gtk_cell_area_box_pack_start() and gtk_cell_area_box_pack_end().
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