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Class Gtk.Scale

Import line: Gtk =;
GIR File: Gtk-3.0.gir
C documentation: GtkScale
Class : Scale
Implements: Atk.ImplementorIface, Gtk.Buildable, Gtk.Orientable
Subclasses: Gtk.HScale
Extends: Gtk.Range
A GtkScale is a slider control used to select a numeric value.
To use it, you'll probably want to investigate the methods on
its base class, GtkRange, in addition to the methods for GtkScale itself.
To set the value of a scale, you would normally use gtk_range_set_value().
To detect changes to the value, you would normally use the
GtkRange::value-changed signal.
Note that using the same upper and lower bounds for the GtkScale (through
the GtkRange methods) will hide the slider itself. This is useful for
applications that want to show an undeterminate value on the scale, without
changing the layout of the application (such as movie or music players).
GtkScale as GtkBuildable
GtkScale supports a custom <marks> element, which
can contain multiple <mark> elements. The "value" and "position"
attributes have the same meaning as gtk_scale_add_mark() parameters of the
same name. If the element is not empty, its content is taken as the markup
to show at the mark. It can be translated with the usual "translatable and
"context" attributes.
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