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Class Gtk.Entry

Import line: Gtk =;
GIR File: Gtk-3.0.gir
C documentation: GtkEntry
Class : Entry
Implements: Atk.ImplementorIface, Gtk.Buildable, Gtk.CellEditable, Gtk.Editable
Subclasses: GWeather.LocationEntry
Extends: Gtk.Widget
The GtkEntry widget is a single line text entry
widget. A fairly large set of key bindings are supported
by default. If the entered text is longer than the allocation
of the widget, the widget will scroll so that the cursor
position is visible.
When using an entry for passwords and other sensitive information,
it can be put into "password mode" using gtk_entry_set_visibility().
In this mode, entered text is displayed using a 'invisible' character.
By default, GTK+ picks the best invisible character that is available
in the current font, but it can be changed with
gtk_entry_set_invisible_char(). Since 2.16, GTK+ displays a warning
when Caps Lock or input methods might interfere with entering text in
a password entry. The warning can be turned off with the
GtkEntry:caps-lock-warning property.
Since 2.16, GtkEntry has the ability to display progress or activity
information behind the text. To make an entry display such information,
use gtk_entry_set_progress_fraction() or gtk_entry_set_progress_pulse_step().
Additionally, GtkEntry can show icons at either side of the entry. These
icons can be activatable by clicking, can be set up as drag source and
can have tooltips. To add an icon, use gtk_entry_set_icon_from_gicon() or
one of the various other functions that set an icon from a stock id, an
icon name or a pixbuf. To trigger an action when the user clicks an icon,
connect to the GtkEntry::icon-press signal. To allow DND operations
from an icon, use gtk_entry_set_icon_drag_source(). To set a tooltip on
an icon, use gtk_entry_set_icon_tooltip_text() or the corresponding function
for markup.
Note that functionality or information that is only available by clicking
on an icon in an entry may not be accessible at all to users which are not
able to use a mouse or other pointing device. It is therefore recommended
that any such functionality should also be available by other means, e.g.
via the context menu of the entry.
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get_search_entry () : Gtk.Entry
Returns the GtkEntry which is currently in use as interactive search
entry for tree_view.
set_search_entry (Entry entry) : none
Sets the entry which the interactive search code will use for this
in our interface at all time at a fixed position.
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