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Class Gtk.Viewport

Import line: Gtk =;
GIR File: Gtk-3.0.gir
C documentation: GtkViewport
Class : Viewport
Implements: Atk.ImplementorIface, Gtk.Buildable, Gtk.Scrollable
Extends: Gtk.Bin
The GtkViewport widget acts as an adaptor class, implementing
scrollability for child widgets that lack their own scrolling
capabilities. Use GtkViewport to scroll child widgets such as
GtkTable, GtkBox, and so on.
If a widget has native scrolling abilities, such as GtkTextView,
GtkTreeView or GtkIconview, it can be added to a GtkScrolledWindow
with gtk_container_add(). If a widget does not, you must first add the
widget to a GtkViewport, then add the viewport to the scrolled window.
The convenience function gtk_scrolled_window_add_with_viewport() does
exactly this, so you can ignore the presence of the viewport.
The GtkViewport will start scrolling content only if allocated less
than the child widget's minimum size in a given orientation.
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