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parent-child marker Gtk.TreeSelection

Class Gtk.TreeSelection

Import line: Gtk =;
GIR File: Gtk-3.0.gir
C documentation: GtkTreeSelection
Class : TreeSelection
Extends: GObject.Object
The GtkTreeSelection object is a helper object to manage the selection
for a GtkTreeView widget. The GtkTreeSelection object is
automatically created when a new GtkTreeView widget is created, and
cannot exist independentally of this widget. The primary reason the
GtkTreeSelection objects exists is for cleanliness of code and API.
That is, there is no conceptual reason all these functions could not be
methods on the GtkTreeView widget instead of a separate function.
The GtkTreeSelection object is gotten from a GtkTreeView by calling
gtk_tree_view_get_selection(). It can be manipulated to check the
selection status of the tree, as well as select and deselect individual
rows. Selection is done completely view side. As a result, multiple
views of the same model can have completely different selections.
Additionally, you cannot change the selection of a row on the model that
is not currently displayed by the view without expanding its parents
One of the important things to remember when monitoring the selection of
a view is that the GtkTreeSelection::changed signal is mostly a hint.
That is,it may only emit one signal when a range of rows is selected.
Additionally, it may on occasion emit a GtkTreeSelection::changed signal
when nothing has happened (mostly as a result of programmers calling
select_row on an already selected row).
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get_selection () : Gtk.TreeSelection
Gets the GtkTreeSelection associated with tree_view.
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