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Class Gtk.AccelMap

Import line: Gtk =;
GIR File: Gtk-3.0.gir
C documentation: GtkAccelMap
Class : AccelMap
Extends: GObject.Object
Accelerator maps are used to define runtime configurable accelerators.
Functions for manipulating them are are usually used by higher level
convenience mechanisms like GtkUIManager and are thus considered
"low-level". You'll want to use them if you're manually creating menus that
should have user-configurable accelerators.
Accelerator is uniquely defined by:

accelerator path
accelerator key
accelerator modifiers

The accelerator path must consist of
"<WINDOWTYPE>/Category1/Category2/.../Action", where WINDOWTYPE
should be a unique application-specific identifier that corresponds to the
kind of window the accelerator is being used in, e.g. "Gimp-Image",
"Abiword-Document" or "Gnumeric-Settings".
The "Category1/.../Action" portion is most appropriately chosen by the action
the accelerator triggers, i.e. for accelerators on menu items, choose the
item's menu path, e.g. "File/Save As", "Image/View/Zoom" or
"Edit/Select All". So a full valid accelerator path may look like:
"<Gimp-Toolbox>/File/Dialogs/Tool Options...".
All accelerators are stored inside one global GtkAccelMap that can be
obtained using gtk_accel_map_get(). See linkend="monitoring-changes">Monitoring changes for additional

Manipulating accelerators

New accelerators can be added using gtk_accel_map_add_entry(). To search for
specific accelerator, use gtk_accel_map_lookup_entry(). Modifications of
existing accelerators should be done using gtk_accel_map_change_entry().
In order to avoid having some accelerators changed, they can be locked using
gtk_accel_map_lock_path(). Unlocking is done using

Saving and loading accelerator maps

Accelerator maps can be saved to and loaded from some external resource. For
simple saving and loading from file, gtk_accel_map_save() and
gtk_accel_map_load() are provided. Saving and loading can also be done by
providing file descriptor to gtk_accel_map_save_fd() and

Monitoring changes

GtkAccelMap object is only useful for monitoring changes of accelerators. By
connecting to GtkAccelMap::changed signal, one can monitor changes of all
accelerators. It is also possible to monitor only single accelerator path by
using it as a detail of the GtkAccelMap::changed signal.

Methods / Constructors
Method / Constructor Defined By
new Gtk.AccelMap ()
Create a new Gtk.AccelMap
Create a new Gtk.AccelMap
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